Our objectives are to analyze, discuss, design and develop strategies for the implementation of an International Collaborative Network amongst Digital Culture Activists that may foster the cooperative development and sustainable growth of their communities.

This network of networks will implement a series of -virtual and physical- projects and events, that will take advantage of the available resources and tools in order to collectively and collaborative implement and nurture the network.

SurSouth will be facilitated by a web platform which will feature different tools for exchange, collaboration documentation and dissemination. It will be also act as a collaborative platform for the collective incubation, production and coordination of a wide range of digital cultural initiatives.

This platform will permit the remote articulation of projects and initiatives by interdisciplinary groups in order to analyze and develop alternative solutions for various contextually informed social issues from threatened, disadvantaged and/or marginal communities.

It will be a tool for collaborative creation, co-production and cooperative dissemination that will promote and aid the development and implementation of creative solutions that will aid in the development of good living, social equality and sustainable practices for local communities.

Virtual (remote) Projects and Events will be reoccurring and distributed (sometimes simultaneously). They will be documented and facilitated through the web platform. Live Projects and Events will take the form of workshops, production and discussion groups, contextual mappings, project presentations and others within shared physical space. Hybrid Projects and Events: In-situ activities in physical spaces equipped with technical support for remote communication, documentation and online discussion.

“Open Archive” DATABASE:

The collaboratively-produced content (data, information, theory, production, documentation, methods, development models, technologies, etc.) will be freely available in an “Open Archive” –a database available on the platform. Once this content has been published (clearly and didactically), it will be available to be replicated and/or adapted to different contexts thus facilitating collaboration and exchange and turning it into a tool for sustainable community development.

Organization and Methodology:

SurSouth aims at organizing in a decentralized manner inspired by several emerging exchange and collaborative models part of the Open Culture, such as: P2P Communities, “Crisis Commons”; and methodologies from BookSprints, CrowdFunding, UnConferences, HackLabs, etc.

Flexibility will be one of the projects principal characteristics in order that participants from different areas may discuss in depth themes such as: organizational structure; exchange practices; scope; roles; priorities; short, medium and long term objectives; success criteria; financing and sustainability strategies; technological requirements and human resources; level of institutionalization; ecology and economics; and why not, the relevance and feasibility of the SurSouth initiative.

At the end of this first stage of the debate, the project will go into a period of consolidation based on the consensus and proposed conclusions reached by the participants.

It is hoped that in a long term, the SurSouth project becomes an locally managed sustainable project that will foster horizontal, dynamic and self-organizing practices in order to develop a systemic, collaborative and innovative network (inspired by the magical and the spiritual) at the service of the marginal and emerging open cultures.
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